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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?


Kharkiv National Medical University provides education services connected with obtaining higher medical education on the level of qualification requirements for a junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, and master with a specialization in: “General Medicine”, “Paediatrics”, “Public Health and Preventive Medicine”, “Dentistry”, “Nursing”, “Laboratory Diagnosis”, “Midwifery”.

Postgraduate education is provided in postgraduate course in 35 specialities and in clinical residency in 25 specialities.

The University comprises 7 faculties, Educational Research Institute for Postgraduate Training at Kharkiv National Medical University, Medical College; Research Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, Ukrainian Institute of Clinical Genetics; Medical training and research unit of Kharkiv National Medical University "University Dental Centre", Centre for Preclinical and Clinical Researches of KhNMU, Scientific-Practical Medical Centre of KhNMU, Centre for Gender Education of KhNMU. At the University, the Committee on Ethics and Bioethics has been functioning since 2001.

KhNMU has been a member of the International Association of Universities (under the aegis of UNESCO) since 1998; it is added to the register of medical universities of the World Health Organization (Avicenna Directories).

Information about the intended project:

We are interested in participating as a partner in projects concerning the following:

- innovating the education and training of medical students;

- modernizing curricula for undergraduate training of medical students in the context of gender / ecologically -based competences;

- training medical professionals for the sustainable future;

- other related to medical education topics.

Previous international experience:

- Collaboration with foreign partner institutions within the framework of agreements on cooperation;

- Participation as a partner university in the project “CLEAR – Climate Change, Environmental Contaminants and Reproductive Health” (grant agreement number: 226217) within the Seventh Framework Programme, call FP7-ENV-2008-1 Environment;

- Participation in the application process of the Erasmus Mundus Project “European Caucasus Consortium for Excellence in Life Sciences”, the reference number 545706-EM-1-2013-1-RO-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21;

- Participation in the Tempus proposal “Surgery under Review Generating Education with New Technology and International Interaction: SURGENTII”, the reference number 544275-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IE-TEMPUS-JPCR.

Please contact:

Professor Igor Zavgorodnii, Doctor of Medical Science, Full Professor, Head of the Department of Hygiene and Ecology No. 2

Tel.:+38 (057) 707-73-81, e-mail:

Professor Kateryna Karpenko, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Full Professor, and Director of the Centre for Gender Education of KhNMU Tel.: +38 (067) 951-35-49, e-mail:


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