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Educational Programs for HEI & Students

Erasmus Mundus (2009-2013)

Erasmus Mundus is an education program of the European Union; it is aimed at increasing attractiveness of European higher education, fostering international cooperation, accelerating mobility for  university students, teachers and scholars in the EU and worldwide. 
The Program is called after Erasmus of Rotterdam, Renaissance scholar and philosopher, who travelled a lot and taught at different universities that enabled him to realize five hundred years ago the advantages of mobility and international cooperation in education and learning

Jean Monnet

The Jean Monnet Program was launched by the European Commission in 1990 in order to propagate the European idea and stimulate teaching, research and reflection on European integration in the EU and worldwide. The target group for Jean Monnet Program is primarily universities and their staff, but also associations and networks of scholars and teachers that specialize in the EU studies, as well as public or private institutions that provide training or education services in the European integration field at the local and regional level. The eligible participants of the Jean Monnet Program are the EU member states and partners countries who participate in the program on an equal footing. To date, 61 countries from five continents have joined Jean Monnet Program, there are no quotas or limits set for a counter or region. 

Other Programs

Other educational programs are presented with useful links to the web-sites of European educational programs with short description.


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