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HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, Finland, is looking for partners

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences is looking for partners to work on the curricula development within the following topics:

Cultural  Management, Civic activities and Youth Work

Contact information: Timo Sorvoja, Head of International Affairs, HUMAK University of Applied Sciences,,



Cultural  Management: Cultural Manager’s Work and Production, Media and Interaction Skills

 Art and Cultural Education in NGO and Youth Work

- Principles of art and cultural education

- Community-based art education

- Various operating environments of art and cultural education

- Introduction to methods of art and cultural education

- Community educator as instructor and provider of art and cultural education

 Development of NGO and Voluntary Work

- strengthen their professional competence in NGO and voluntary work

– develop their ability to act in various planning, expert and management positions within NGOs

- understand the significance of non-governmental civic activities to the development of the civic society

 Development and Management of NGOs

- Acquisition, management and use of human, social and financial resources

-Management of NGOs and voluntary work

- Projects as a method of NGO development

- Strategic development of NGOs • Operating models of international NGOs

 Civic activities and Youth Work: Development and Management of NGOs ,  Development of NGO and Voluntary Work, Art and Cultural Education in NGO and Youth Work

 Cultural Manager’s Work and Production Processes

Content:  Event management: technical, financial and content management (including ecological and safety issues); introduction to various cultural productions and cultural managers; professional identity, ethics and values of cultural managers; participating in the planning and implementation of cultural productions; production process management.

Objectives: Students are familiar with the job description of a cultural manager and the elements and production processes of different types of productions and are able to work in productions in the cultural sector.

 Media and Interaction Skills

Content: Media education, media skills, conference and negotiation skills.

Objectives: Students become familiar with theories of media education, and are able to interpret and analyze media materials.


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