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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Namangan State University (NamSU) is interested to cooperate under Erasmus+ programme

NamSU was established in 1942 as a pedagogical institute. It is in Namangan province which has almost 2 mln population with 7900 km2 area located in eastern part on Uzbekistan, considered one of the strategically important area. Nowadays NamSU has over 6000 students in bachelor and master degree programs. NamSU has 430 teaching staff which 36 % of them has PhD and Doctoral levels degrees. NamSU offers various courses of study, including 27 bachelors educational programs, 13 masters specialization programs, 5 programs for full-time Doctorate and another 11 programs for part-time Doctorate. The university trains high-skilled specialists in Languages (Uzbek, Russian, English, German), Literature, Social sciences, Law, Political sciences, History, Archive studies, Pedagogy, Psycology, Education, early childhood education, preschool education, Sport, applied art, geography, economy, mathematics, applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technical sciences, and etc.

Today the university has academic relationships with more than 40 advanced universities in Europe, Asia and CIS countries. Every year the teaching staff and students attends different scientific events and spend academic visits in advanced universities in developed countries. NamSUas an a national coordinator and main role player in TuCAHEA Tempus project (see more information to

In October 29, 2013, Cabinet of Ministers approved order on “About the measures of improving the activities of Namangan State University”. Developing the international relations has given main priority. Therefore we see Erasmus+ program is one of the good opportunity to develop the international relations and improve the educational quality.

We are interested in joining as a partner to any possible projects under Erasmus+, especially to develop joint master program and capacity building projects.


Team of International relations department

Namangan State University, Namangan city, Uzbekistan

Tel: +998 90 7400192 Fax: +998 69 2270144, email:, web site:


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