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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Mykolayiv State Agrarian University

Mykolayiv State Agrarian University (Ukraine) is looking for partners to participate in the Tempus projects, focused on next: “Development of Farms Subject to the EU Requirements”; “Harmonization of the Academic Books and Other Information Data for Bachelor of Producing and Processing of Livestock Products Technology”.

Also MSAU expresses the interest to join TEMPUS IV Joint Projects in following areas:

• Accounting and Auditing

• Management of Organizations, International Management

• Technology Of Producing And Processing of Livestock Products

• Agronomy

University already has the practices of participating in the Project TEMPUS Tacis program: JEP_27136_2006 "Implementation of basic and advanced scientific methodologies in agricultural master & PhD curricula - IMBASMA" , and is an active member of number of international educational organizations.

Mykolayiv State Agrarian University is open to all kinds of cooperation concerning implementation of joint academic and research projects, establishing exchange programs, and other types of international collaboration.

Contact:Head of International Office - Vyshkvarkov Viktor, Senior Program Officer - Karbashevsky Vitaliy, Mykolayiv State Agrarian University, 9, Paryzka komuna Str., Mykolayiv, 54010, Ukraine, Tel.: +38 0512 582959, fax: +38 0512 343146,,


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