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Network development of management training courses for transport and logistics sector


“Network development of management training courses for transport and logistics sector”.

Duration: September 2006 –  August 2009

Project budget: € 541.055

Funded by: European Commission

Country of implementation:


Project is implemented by:

  • University of Paderborn
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna
  • Kaufmann Unternehmensberatung GmbH

National implementing universities:

  • National Transport University (NTU)
  • Preasov Technical State University Mariupol (PSTU)
  • National Maritime Academy (ONMA)

National partner-enterprises:

  • MMK Illicha
  • Mariupol Commercial Sea Port
  • Ukravtoservice Kiev
  • АSМАP Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company

Project Objectives:

  • Composition of a network of Ukrainian and European universities and companies for joined development of management training courses for transport and logistics,
  • Joined development of management courses for advanced vocational education and training of Ukrainian specialists and executive staff of the transport and logistics branch including education of professional trainers,
  • Proving and realisation of the management training courses in Kiev, Mariupol and Odessa, inclusion of e-learning modules,
  • Qualification of university teachers and staff in positions of responsibility in professional training methods for the education of specialists and executive staff.

Project’s Outputs and Outcomes:

  • Institutional establishment of the project: As a basement for all further project work the institutional establishment of the VETLOG project was completed in December 2006
  • Joined development of the basics of contents: In joined workshops in Paderborn in April 2007 and in Vienna in May 2007 the basic contents of new management training courses for the Ukrainian transport and logistics sector were developed. By involvement of Ukrainian enterprise partners and presentations of leading European transport and logistics companies it was ensured that the contents does meet the requirements of transport and logistics industry. Further on a know how transfer from TEMPUS project 24053-2003 was organized.
  • Trainer qualification and development of professional management training courses: In order to qualify Ukrainian university teachers in the field of modern aspects of transport and logistics management several study visits at the European partner universities have been organised. In total more than 30 university teachers from NTU Kiev, PSTU Mariupol and ONMA Odessa participated in study visits in Paderborn and Vienna. They developed and implemented more than 15 new training courses on different aspects of logistics management.
  • Development of e-learning portals: In the framework of the VETLOG project at NTU Kiev, PSTU Mariupol and ONMA Odessa e-learning portals were developed and implemented. These portals are based either on MOODLE or on PROMETHEUS platform. They are not only used for provision of the newly developed management training courses but for regular study programmes as well.
  • Proving, revision and realization of management training courses: In order to achieve a high quality of the new training courses on logistics management revision workshops were organized in January 2008 in Mariupol and in June 2008 in Kiev. On e-learning platforms first courses were implemented in the end of 2008. Since June 2009 more than 15 new training courses are available via e-learning platforms. These courses are provided continuously and meanwhile round about 1000 participants have been counted.
  • Modern communication and teaching equipment, literature: In the framework of the VETLOG project NTU Kiev, PSTU Mariupol and ONMA Odessa were equipped with scientific literature on modern transport and logistics management, with computers for the development of e-learning training courses and computer devices enabling a good performance of the e-learning platforms.


Dissemination events were organized at all Ukrainian partner universities and at further places in the Ukraine (Simferopol, Sevastopol and Ivano-Frankovsk. Detailed information about the project is available on the internet homepages of NTU Kiev, PSTU Mariupol and ONMA Odessa. A monography monography «Network development of management training courses for transport and logistics sector» was published. A final conference organized at NTU Kiev in June 2009 found broad attention in regional and national press and media.


There are two main aspects underlining the sustainability of the VETLOG project. 1. broad acceptance of the newly developed training courses from the side of the Ukrainian transport and logistics industry. The importance of these effective and efficient high quality training offers was stressed by all representatives of the industry at the final conference in Kiev. 2. All Ukrainian university partners have launched internal programmes to qualify their whole academic staff in the field of e-learning because they are going to enhance their e-learning offers not only in the field of further training but in their regular study programmes as well. A further aspect of sustainability is the agreement for a scientific partnership in the field of management and logistics between the NTU and the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Project’s importance:

The right knowledge at the right place at the right time or in short: the logistics of knowledge more and more becomes the main competitive factor in the world. Distance learning and especially e-learning enable teaching and learning processes independently from time and place. This is an important contribution in order to achieve competitiveness – at any place in the world as well as in the Ukraine.

Ukrainian State pays a lot of attention to the development of distance learning. In 2000 Ministry of higher education and science of Ukraine (MHES) developed and confirmed the concept of distance learning in Ukraine. Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine on 23 September 2003 adopted decree № 1494 «Program on distance learning system for 2004-2006». According regulation was developed and confirmed on distance learning (order MHES Ukraine № 40 from 21.01.2004).

Quality Control and Monitoring:

  • Corporative opinion – annual program contents approval with supporting companies.
  • Questionnaire – independent study of education results.
  • New orders from business.


  • Using the achievements in the different functional spheres of logistics, i.e. purchasing, transport, distributive, industrial and information laid in the basis of distance training courses in management which were developed during the VETLOG Project and presented in the monograph. We hope that our experience gained in cooperation with foreign partners will be useful for the wide circle of specialists in transport, distributive, maritime field and to the students and aspirants of transport high education facilities.

 The outcomes of the VETLOG project has helped to introduce the culture of e-learning training on logistics in line with European standards and adopted to Ukrainian situation as well as strengthen the international cooperation capacity of national partners with further European recognition, Mykola Dmitriyev, 1st Vice-rector, Professor, National Transport University.


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