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Erasmus Mundus Master course - Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems

The master's programme in Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT) offers advanced education in the field of sustainable energy systems for the future. SELECT aims at delivering education for high competency and quality engineering skills in the field, including industrial interaction throughout the programme.

Students graduating from the SELECT programme will have gained experience in the following topics:

 - Training in multidisciplinary problem analysis and solving.

- Advanced team building in a multinational setting, along with stimulating international experience.

- A novel and multidimensional way of learning involving real and virtual classrooms

- Close collaboration with industry during thesis work.

- A unique network of fellow students, SELECT alumni and industry specialists in the field of sustainable energy.

The SELECT master's programme is presently a cooperation between the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH), Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo), Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands (TUE), Technical University of Catalonia in Spain (UPC) and Aalto University School of Science and Technology in Finland (Aalto). SELECT is also part of the InnoEnergy Sustainable Energy masters programme. It is a two-year Master's programme including compulsory mobility for the students.

 The category A (Non-EU member states) scholarship includes:

- Travel and installation costs: € 8000 for a 2 year programme

- Participation costs (including insurance coverage): € 4000/semester

- Monthly allowance: € 1000/month

 The category B (EU member states) scholarship includes:

- Travel and installation costs - only if the EM master's programme includes a mobility period to a Third-Country partner: € 3000

- Participation costs (including insurance coverage): € 2000/semester

- Monthly allowance: € 500/month

Required documents for SELECT

1. A signed cover sheet (generated from the web-based application at - application code SELEC)

2. A correctly certified copy of your bachelor’s degree in original language and translated into English.

3. A correctly certified copy of your transcript of records in original language and translated into English. All courses taken must be included.

4. Proof of your English proficiency.

5. A Curriculum vitae including details on your academic career.

6. A letter of motivation.

7. A copy of your passport or some other kind of identification in English.

8. Two letters of recommendation (from professors of the most recently attended higher institution or recent employers, see document directions).

For directions on how to prepare the Curriculum vitae, motivation letter and letters of recommendation please follow the link below.


* Document directions for SELECT (89 kB)

Send your documents to the address on the cover sheet and keep an eye out for the link to the Erasmus Mundus Complementary Information form. It will be sent to ‘Your pages’ at when we have received your application documents. Your application is not complete without it.



Deadline: 2010/11/30

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