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Congratulations to Ukrainian winners in Jean Monnet 2010

Congratulations to Ukrainian winners whose proposals were recommended for funding under Jean Monnet Programme 2010 Call of Proposals:

• National University Kyiv – Mohyla Academy, project «The EU and its Neighbourhood: Towards the association between the EU and Ukraine», under Action ‘Jean Monnet Chair’;

• Donetsk State University of Management, project «Modern problems of EU’s economy and business», under Action ‘Jean Monnet Chair’;

• International Association for Institutional Studies, project «Human Security and Security Strategy: Institutions and Policies in a European Perspective», under Action ‘Information and Research Activities’.

Selection of projects under Jean Monnet Programme 2010 Call concluded in June 2010; 161 project proposals were recommended for funding by Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA) (full list of projects recommended for funding can be found at EACEA web-site; 15 project proposals were selected and included into the reserve list – their implementation will be possible if extra funding opportunities will be found.

In this call, project teams come from all continents and include: EU member-states, Croatia and Moldova, Ukraine and Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Turkey and Egypt, USA and Canada, Argentina and Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, Taiwan and Vietnam, and Southern Africa.

All applicants participating in this call, successful and unsuccessful, will be informed by EACEA in writing about the detailed results of the evaluation of their applications. In the near future, EACEA will invite applicants whose proposals were recommended for EU funding to complete the formalities necessary for the confirmation of the grant awards and signing Grant Agreements.

It is noteworthy, that inclusion in the list of project proposals recommended for EU funding does not represent any financial or legal commitment on the part of EACEA. The offer of an award is confirmed only when the Grant Agreement is signed between the applicant's legal representative and EACEA.

Background information:

The Jean Monnet Programme has the objective to enhance knowledge of the European integration process. It does so by encouraging higher education institutions and/or associations of professors and researchers specialising in European integration to create teaching, research, reflection, information and debate activities on the European integration process.

Ukrainian Higher education institutions joined Jean Monnet programme since 2001.

The following Jean Monnet Modules have been introduced respectively:

at Donetsk National University: Fundamentals of EU Law (2001), Achievements and Prospects of European Educational and Scientific-Technological Integration (2002); Uzhorod National University European Union Enlargement and the Neighbourhood Policy (2005); Donetsk State University of Management: European Economic Integration (2006), European social policy and models of social partnership (2009).

Under the Action Information and Research Activities the following projects have been implemented: Ukrainian Euro-Synergy: Transparency, Networking and Building the Capacity in the Field of European Integration Studies in Ukraine (2008) by Ukrainian European Studies Association; Architecture of European Safety: Integration, cooperation of confrontation (2008) by Donetsk State University of Management.

More details can be found at EACEA web-site:


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