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Lviv Academy of Commerce is looking for partners
Lviv Academy of Commerce (LAC) is an educational institution of IV accreditation level with about 200-year history. The work of the institution is aimed at improvement of higher education, establishing modern system of methodological and information providing of consumer cooperation, moving to the dynamic system of specialists’ preparation. There are about 455 lecturers, including 5 academics, 28 doctors of sciences and professors, 210 candidates of sciences and associate professors, more than 8000 students at the Academy. Academy has five educational buildings, a library with more than 500000 titles, four student hostels, computer center with laboratories.
There are 3 institutes and 5 faculties in LAC, which train bachelors, specialists and magistrates in the specialities:
  • Institute of Finance and Economy,
  • Management faculty (Economic Cybernetics; Enterprise Management),
  • Law faculty,
  • Faculty of International Economic Relations,
  • Faculty of Commodity Science and Commerce,
  • Pre-Educational Training Department, Institute of Postgraduate Education,
  • Extra Mural Faculty,
  • External Courses,
  • Institute of Informational Technologies,
  • Department of International Relations and Strategic Development
Polytechnic Institute of Porto is looking for partners

The Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP), Portugal, was created in 1985 and involves 7 Schools: Education (ESE); Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE); Engineering (ISEP); Accounting and Administration (ISCAP); Management and Industrial Studies (ESEIG); Management and Technology (ESTGF); and Applied Health Technology (ESTSP). In 2011 over 16.000 students attended the seven Schools located in 6 cities within the Porto district.
The School of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP), the business school of IPP,  is located in S. Mamede de Infesta (Matoshinhos), very close to the IPP Campus, offering its 4000-strong student population a range of innovative programmes.

Over the years ISCAP has been trying to increase its international experience and has been a partner in several international networks, such as AFECA, SPACE, EdiNeb and in SOCRATES/Lifelong Learning Programme, namely in ERASMUS, MINERVA, GRUNDTVIG, COMENIUS and in LEONARDO. Nowadays, ISCAP is involved in several European projects under the LLL Programme, both as partner and coordinator. Its International Office is highly keen on the process of internationalisation and willing to increase the number of exchange programmes (for students, as well as for teachers and other staff) and develop intercultural experiences among its communities, being responsible for the highest rate of students’ mobility in Portugal. ISCAP is the school of IPP with the highest number of international students and is an example and reference for all the other schools.

ISCAP has expertise in managerial simulation and e-learning as well as in Marketing and Management of Touristic Activities; also has experience in participating in European projects both as partners and coordinators.

Contact: Anabela Mesquita, Vice Dean, ISCAP, Portugal, sarmento@iscap.ipp.pt, http://www.iscap.ipp.pt  

Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University is looking for partners

Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University is looking for Tempus project partners.

Main fields of activities of the University:
-  higher education in economics, human resource management (Bachelor, Master, PhD)
- training and assessment of the academic and academic/teaching staff
- scientific research in economics.

Contact: Olena Brintseva, PhD (Economics), specialist on social/labour sphere monitoring, ph.: +38 (095) 110-82-91  ph.: +38 (044) 227-10-39   o.brintseva@gmail.com

Information about the intended TEMPUS project:
Project: Spreading the ideas of social responsibility

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University is looking for partners

1 Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project: Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

2 Main field of activities of your institution: − Higher medical education for students at such specialties: “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, “Pharmacy”. About 4 600 Ukrainian students + 900 Foreign students per year;

− Postgraduate education for doctors. About 3 600 doctors per year;

− Scientific work in fields of Biology, Anatomy, Internal Medicine and many others medical areas;

− Therapeutic work in University’s clinic, city hospitals and other medical centers.

3 Information about the intended TEMPUS project: We are ready to join to any new projects, which are related with development of medical education, distance forms of learning in medicine, development of computer technologies in higher education, etc.

5 Previous international experience: TEMPUS project MUMEENA (Modernizing Medical Education in Eastern Europe Neighboring Area)


6 Please contact: Volodymyr Vasylchuk, Head of International Relations Department, email: ird.ifnmu.ua@gmail.com, skype: doctor_vvv, tel: +38(095)56-13-924

Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute is looking for partners

Name of university: Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, Uzbekistan, website: www.tkti.uz

Faculty: Technology of inorganic materials.

Department: Technology of silicate materials and noble rare metals.

Number of student: 160.

Relevant information on previous or on-going international cooperation




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