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Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is looking for partners with the aim of joint participation in Erasmus+ programme

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is looking for partners with the aim of joint participation in Erasmus+ programme

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University (LTSNU) is one of the oldest higher educational institutions not only of Luhansk, but also of the whole Donbass region. Since the 1st of March 1921 the University has been performing academic, research and up-bringing activities following outstanding world and Ukrainian scientific and cultural traditions, as well as taking into consideration modern principles and trends in the world education.

Main Fields of Activities

The university offers over 360 fields of training, specialties and professions, among which there are 25 pedagogical specialties. There are the following institutes in the LTSNU: Institute of Economics and Business, Institute of Culture and Arts, Institute of Physical Education and Sports, Institute of Continuing Education and Distance Learning, Institute of Commerce, Servicing, and Tourism; Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology. There are also four faculties in the structure of LTSNU: Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Natural Sciences (FPN), Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications, Faculty of Pre-professional Training.

LTSNU is a full member of the International University Association and European University Association. Because of close cooperation with the embassies of different countries a considerable amount of centers for language and culture studying has been opened at LTSNU: Confucius Institute (the Embassy of China), Japanese Center (The Embassy of Japan), Goethe-Center (The Embassy of Germany), “Lingua-Center” (The Embassy of the USA), Ukrainian and Canadian Center “Vidrodzhennia (Revival)” (The Embassy of Canada), Hebrew Center (the Embassy of Israel), Turkish Language and Culture Center (The Embassy of Turkey).

Information about Intended Project

We are interested to participate in joint projects, which will be connected with the investigation of modern trends in education, journalism, psychology, social communication, history and international relations.

Previous International Experience

LTSNU has a lot of partners among the leading universities of the world, from Austria, Belarus, the Middle East, Estonia, China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA, France and Japan. Our students and teachers regularly take part in different training programs organized in these countries, participate in working and scholarship programs, are involved in scientific exchange programs. In 2006 the University participated in Tempus program with a joint project (consortium of European universities), aimed at the establishment of the Centre for Rehabilitation for Disabled People in the Crimea (Project JEP_27249_2006). Because of close collaboration of LTSNU and the Embassy of China a number of centers of Ukrainian education, science and culture were opened in People's Republic of China. The university cooperates with famous scientific and educational centers such as the Vienna Conservatory (Austria), Thomas More College (USA), the Academy of Orléans-le-Tours (France), etc.

Please Contact: Irina Viktorovna Migovich, head of the International Cooperation Department, idep@luguniv.edu.ua.


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