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Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University is looking for partners

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University was founded 1918 and at present it is one of the most famous and prestigious higher institutions in Ukraine.

Main field of activities of your institution:

The university comprises 4 higher education institutions of the first and second level of accreditation, 16 faculties, 46 research laboratories, 3 research institutes (Biology, Geography, Power Engineering) the Faculty of Distance and Part-time Education, the Faculty of Continuous Education, the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, the Faculty of Pre-university Preparation, Regional Center of Continuous Education «Prydniprovye» including 8 schools, 1 lyceum and the 1 gymnasia. Being a big educational and research center, DNU provides training of all qualifications levels: Bachelor’s degree Master’s degree, PhD degree. Basing on the license the university provides training more than 22 thousand students in 86 specialities. One can obtain the second higher education.

More information about DNU: http://www.dnu.dp.ua

Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

We look forward to cooperate in terms of sharing experience, developing new research tools and methods, applying new technologies to the learning process, establishing multilateral academic exchanges, preparing and implementing joint bachelors’, masters’ and postgraduate study programs in accordance with EU educational standards and developing the long-term basis for cooperation.

Our joint researches could address following issues:

• Modernization of curricula in academic disciplines identified as priorities by the Partner Countries, using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the three cycle system and the recognition of degrees/

• University management and student services.

• Introduction of quality assurance.

• Development of partnerships with enterprises.

• Knowledge triangle: education-innovation-research.

• Development of lifelong learning in society at large.

• Qualifications frameworks.

Project proposal / description:

To prepare and implement TEMPUS project in Economics and International Economics, Natural Sciences, Political and Social Sciences, Philology.

Previous international experience:

Almost since the beginning of TEMPUS Program’s activity in Ukraine the DNU has joined its work. The first project on reforming of economic was won in 1993. Since there the DNU has won 16 projects for the terms from 1 till 3 years in different sectors of science and education such as economics, management, university managements, social informatics and international economics. Due to this indicator the DNU is a regional leader.

Since 2007 DNU has been taking part in Erasmus Mundus Project «External Cooperation Window» which is closely corresponded to DNU's development plan. First, in the plan there is a special paragraph about development of close relations with EU universities, strengthening of exchange programmes. Second, the participation should contribute in realisation of the item of raising the level of professional skills of DNU teachers and imroving the style of teaching. And, third, the project can give us a possibility of progress in implementation of Bologna standarts, including ECTS, quality issurance, etc

Please contact: (person, position e-mail, skype, tel etc.)

Vice-Rector for International Affairs – prof. Mykhailo P. Dyachenko

e-mail: dyachenko@mail.dsu.dp.ua

tel.: (056) 374-98-30

fax: (056) 374-98-41


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