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Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics is looking for partners


1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in project: Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics

Faculty: Computer Engineering

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Web site of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics: http://nure.ua/en/

Faculties: Computer Engineering and Control (participant), Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Management, Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Instrumentation, Electronic Devices, Electronic Engineering.

Computer Engineering and Control faculty (CEC) consists of three departments: Design Automation Department, Electronic Computer Department and Information Technologies Security Department.

The participant of the project is Design Automation Department which provides education in the subjects related to digital systems design, programming, hardware design automation, digital systems testing and testable design, quality assurance, knowledge testing; Brain like computing for Multiprocessor; Smart cloud traffic control; Quantum data structures and computation.

The staff includes 32 persons. They are: 6 professors, 14 PhD assistant professors, 16 PhD students and engineers. A lot of students (20) are involved to research tasks.

Team leader – Vladimir Hahanov, dean of CEC faсulty, professor, doctor of science. IEEE Senior Member and IEEE Computer Society Golden Core member.

3. Information about the intended project: iCloud Traffic Control

An intellectual (smart) road infrastructure is proposed to monitor and control traffic in real-time through the use of global systems for positioning and navigation, mobile gadgets and the Internet in order to improve the quality and safety of vehicle movement, as well as for minimization the time and costs when vehicles are moved at the specified routes. The main innovative idea is transfer of traffic lights from the ground to a virtual cloud space for vehicle management, equipped with a mobile gadget, which displays on the screen map, route, coordinates of the road user and traffic signals. A set of innovative scientific and technological solutions for solving social, human, economic, fuel, energy and environmental problems associated with creation and use of a cloud for monitoring and management is developed. All of these technologies and tools are integrated into the system automaton model of real-time interaction between an infrastructure monitoring and control cloud and vehicle gadget.

4. Project proposal/description:

1. Formal model of cloud management and investigation objectives

The goal of the project is improving the quality and safety of traffic through creating virtual intelligent road infrastructure, including monitoring and control in real-time (Hahanov et al. 2013), based on using mobile gadgets of vehicles and cloud traffic lights, which allow minimizing the time and costs of traffic management and creating innovative solutions of social, humanitarian, economic and environmental problems.

The essence of research is creation of intellectual cloud for traffic control (iCloud Traffic Control) in real-time, based on creating virtual cloud road infrastructure (Fig. 2), integrated with road traffic controllers, mobile tools of car identification in order to improve the quality and safety of vehicle movement, minimization of time and costs when realization of routes.

Innovative proposal: Intelligent cloud traffic control (iCTC) aims to transfer the traffic lights to the clouds, which radically changes the entire road infrastructure on the ground and creates the potential to save thousands of tons of metal for manufacturing traffic lights, hundreds of thousands of kilowatts of electricity for maintaining operability, millions of dollars for installing traffic lights and operating costs, as well as faster installation and updating traffic lights in the virtual urban infrastructure during a few minutes.

Problems to be addressed for the realization of iCloud Traffic Control (iCTC):

1) Development of technology for digital radio-frequency positioning vehicle (gadget) with an accuracy of 2 meters.

2) Creation of new system of mnemonic and accompanying audio signals of the monitor, which constitutes cloud traffic rules.

3) Development of operational and control automata, which combine all components of iCloud Traffic Control into a common cloud-based system, where car gadget G(k) is input-output and represents a single communication interface with the cloud; it can be positioned in real time with the exact coordinates on the map M of the infrastructure with traffic lights L to control the movements of road user.

4) Designing a scalable system iCTC for traffic light, avenue, district, city, country, and planet.

5) Development of client services (software applications) for vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist aimed to optimal control transportation routes, including the video and audio signals linked to the infrastructure and received from iCTC in real time.

6) Designing cloud (server) services for solving optimization problems of routing, managing traffic lights, modification of cloud and real infrastructure, as well as operational management of cloud traffic lights, based on traffic monitoring.

7) Development of qubit data structures and "quantum" matrix processors based on Big Data technologies for the simultaneous and parallel servicing iCTC-cloud users in real time, the number of which in the limit can be equal to the number of inhabitants of the planet.

8) Creation of intelligent models, methods for synthesizing and analyzing the virtual infrastructure for evaluating traffic quality, modeling traffic, generating the optimal route taking into account technical, climatic, social factors, the quality of roads, the amount of traffic lights, left turns in order to create new and reconstruction of existing road infrastructure.

9) Provision of cloud services for trucking companies to improve the quality of passenger service, cargo, optimizing time and material costs.

10) Provision of cloud services for the driver in order to improve the quality of travel on a given route and optimize the time and material costs.

11) Collection of statistical information (intellectualization of global, corporate and personal infrastructure) by accumulating the history of traffic, changing its parameters in time and space for generating quasi-optimal routes of future trips.

12) Creation of information security and authorized access to personal and corporate data in the cloud. Each user sees only your car in the cloud and anonymous traffic flows. All transport identifiers can be accessed by only special government services by court order or decree of the investigating authorities.

13) Searching for valid partners in European countries (Germany, Poland, France, Sweden, and Norway) for filing a joint project iCloud Traffic Control in order to receive a grant up to 10 million euros within FP8 or TEMPUS programs.

14) Searching for wealthy investors and valid partners in other countries (Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, USA) for a joint project iCloud Traffic Control in order to obtain grants for developing a scalable prototype within a city or region.

5. Previous international experience:

5.1. Curricula Development for New Specialization: Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design 530785-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-PL-TEMPUS-JPCR (2013-2015).

5.2. BAITSE – Baltic Academic IT Security Exchange 2011-2014.

5.3. East-West Design & Test Symposium 2003-2013, http://www.ewdtest.com/conf/

Contact person:

Vladimir Hahanov – Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, Lenin ave.14, Kharkov, 61166, Ukraine

mailto: hahanov@kture.kharkov.ua

office tel: (+380)-57-7021326; office fax: (+380)-57-7021326

cell: (+380)-50-2782198; cell: (+380)-95-1942847


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