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1st Statistics on Tempus IV call for proposals

Tempus IV Fourth Call for proposals is over in February 2011, and Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) shares the first results on submitted proposals at

All in all 531 e-applications were submitted, which is 18% more than last year (450 e-applications). As to the types of the projects, applications are split in the following way:

• Joint projects – Curricula reform (JPCR): 237 project proposals, compared to 220 in 2010;

• Joint projects – Governance reform (JPGR): 36 applications, compared to 34 project proposals submitted in 2010;

• Joint projects – Higher education and society (JPHES): 178 project proposals, compared to 130 in 2010;

• Structural measures – Governance reform (SMGR): 34 applications against 35 in 2010;

• Structural measures – Higher education and society (SMHES): 46 project proposals, compared to 31 submitted last year.

As to the Tempus regions, the allocation of applications is as follows:

• Central Asia (DCI): 52 project proposals, against 35 project proposals submitted last years;

• Western Balkans (IPA): 86 project proposals, compared to 81 applications in 2010;

• Eastern Europe (ENPI EAST): 217 project proposals, compared to 177 applications in 2010;

• Mediterranean (ENPI SOUTH): 105 project proposals, against 103 applications submitted in 2010;

• Multi – country projects: 71 project proposals, compared to 54 in 2010.

Total budget of all applications submitted in the Fourth Call exceeds € 493.221.636, with the proposed budget for this call of € 48,7 million. For comparison, in the previous Call the total budget of all submitted proposals amounted to € 416.858.426, while the Tempus program budget for the 2010 call was €53,8 millions.

Though the number of applications submitted by Tempus countries this years increased, traditionally, for most project proposals, the applicant university is from the EU:

• applicant from the EU: 429, compared to 360 in the 2010 call;

• applicant from the Tempus country: 102, compared to 90 in 2010.

Out of 531 project proposals, Ukraine is a partner in 140, which amounts to 26% of all applications submitted in the Fourth Call. In comparison with the previous year, the number of project proposals where Ukraine is a partner has increased from 112 to 140 (20%). Only Russian Federation is ahead of Ukraine: this country is a partner in 153 proposals out of 531, which amounts to 29%.

The next step in the Fourth Call is checking all proposals against eligibility criteria, after which expert evaluation will follows. EACEA is currently involved in the selection of experts to conduct evaluation of project proposals: 40 experts were selected accompanied by 4 lead experts.

ЕАСЕА will promptly inform on the results once the subsequent step of the Fourth Call is over. See details at:

NTO – Ukraine is grateful to all Ukrainian partners who took part in the Fourth Call. We wish luck and success to all project teams. We do hope all of you will be winners, we also expect Tempus funding to ENPI EAST will increase within Eastern Partnership initiative.


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