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Crimean institute of Economics and Business Law

Crimean institute of Economics and Business Law (Ukraine, Crimea), founded in 1993, and now it is a private HEI level III accreditation, it also is the basic institution for the Federation of Employers of Ukraine for the preparation of professional personnel. Currently, we offer higher education qualifications at bachelor's «Finance and credit» and «Business enterprise» and specialist degree in «Finance» and «Business enterprise». In 1995 Institute departments were opened in the hero city of Sevastopol, and also in Krasnoperekopsk.

During the existence of the Institute as of 2003 the lead institution of higher education and departments were graduated:

Junior specialist – 316 people, bachelors – 1031 people, specialist – 1142 people.

Then our Institute graduated in:

2004 – 621 people; 2005 – 692 people; 2006 – 661 persons; 2007 – 671 people.

Crimean institute of Economics and Business Law ( Simferopol) is interested in cooperation in the sphere of education and scientific researches, exchange of experience among the faculty staff, teachers and students, and developing of interest to language and culture of partner countries via implementation of the following kinds of activity:

- Exchange of information concerning educational process, academic plans and schedules.

- Exchange and joint edition of the scientific-methodical and academic literature.

- Development and joint realization of the educational and scientific-research projects.

- Exchange of curricula and educational programs, educational manuals and methodical materials.

- Organization and carrying out of joint scientific-practical conferences, workshops and seminars.

- Organization of the training (language courses, continuous education programs etc.).

- Exchange of students with the requirements of the Bologna process.

- Mutual exchange of students from the partner-countries.

- And other types of international collaboration

Contacts: Alesia Zhylevych

Head of the department of international cooperation



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