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Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport

Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport (Ukraine, Donetsk) offers to take part in joint projects TEMPUS IV (4 contest), both as co-beneficiaries, as well as coordinators.

We also gratefully consider your offers to participate in projects within the consortium formed (created) by you. We hope for effective cooperation.

Subject projects TEMPUS IV - 4 contest

1. Virtual International Fraternity House "Europe is Our Common Home"

- Creation and maintenance of the Internet Site;

- The study of foreign languages in the medium of direct communication;

- To involve young people to participate in the political and social issues;

- Promoting Ukraine's integration to the European Union by educating of Ukrainian youth on democratic values and ideals in the process of direct communication;

- Develop cooperation between universities in European countries and universities in Ukraine at the level of student organizations;

- Establish a positive image of Ukraine in the international arena;

- Formation of a constructive and pragmatic attitude of young people to European integration of Ukraine.

2. Career center (employment agency) - a consortium of universities and employers

- Develop a model of successful specialist based on the requirements of production;

- Develop and implement training programs, retraining, extension profile, and specialization.

3. Independent accreditation agency to ensure quality education based on the employers' association vehicle industry

- Development of certification system of students and graduates on the basis of an independent computer testing;

- Improving the quality of training specialists in vehicle industry based on a system of independent monitoring of the level of knowledge in the learning process.

4. Language Training Center for service staff at the world championship Euro-2012

- Development of short-term language training programs: "Taxi driver", "trolleybus conductor", " railway station porter ", "concierge", " stadium cashier ", " restaurant waiter ", "theater artist", etc.;

- Publishing of phrasebooks, guidebooks;

- Edition of CDs.

5. Development of a European-Ukrainian master's program "Legal and technological regulation of traffic in the metropolis"

- The program is relevant in connection with a high level of accidents on the roads of Ukraine;

- The program is based on a study of the European experience of training specialists in traffic management;

- The program enables the preparation of general purpose specialist, who possesses legal and technical training;

- Development of training programs for lecturers of universities in Russia and Ukraine in the field “management of motor transport traffic”;

- Development of curriculum and training programs for the staff, managing the transportation of hazardous cargo.

6. Elaboration of draft normative documents of higher education in Ukraine, which regulate the academic mobility of students among European educational space.

Contacts: Rector, Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport, prof. Irina Englezi, diat@diat.edu.ua

Project Coordinator, vice-rector, prof. Victor Tkachenko, v.p.tkachenko@diat.edu.ua www.diat.edu.ua


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