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Crimean University for the Humanities (Yalta) is interested in participation in the Tempus projects focused on the following themes: Higher Education and Society, Governance Reform, Curricular Reform.

Contacts: Prof. Olexander Gluzman, Rector of the Crimean University of the Humanities (Yalta)

Street: Sevastopolskaya 2, Yalta, Ukraine, index: 98635

Tel.: +38 0654 323013, fax: +38 0654 327622, web-site: cshi.crimea.edu, e-mail: cic@cshi.crimea.edu

Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Hmelnitskiy

Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Hmelnitskiy is interested in Joint Projects: partnerships between higher education institutions in the EU and other countries for:

1) improvement of teaching methods of different disciplines;

2) organization and carrying out of joint conferences, workshops and seminars.

3) exchange of students with the requirements of the Bologna process.


Chemical-Biological Faculty “Phitodiversity investigation of natural and anthropogenic landscapes of southern Ukraine”; “Protection, optimization and management”; “Formation of concepts of consumer chemistry course in high school chemistry”; “Study of surface-active substances”;“Biological characteristics of species - alien fauna of Northern Azov, their influence on ecosystems and predicting effects on economic activity”;“Development of computer methods for processing and monitoring of population number”;“Creation of electronic textbooks on ecology”.


Department provides professional-oriented and specialized training of bachelors in “Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management”, specialists and masters in “land management and cadastre”.

Scientific researches are carried out in the fields of:

Improvement of the legal, economic, planning and technological methods of land governance and land monitoring.

Ukrainian Academy of Banking

The Ukrainian Academy of Banking is a leading higher educational establishment of the system of the National Bank of Ukraine. The academy is placed into the best 10 economic higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Today the Ukrainian Academy of Banking is a multifunctional, highly professional, competitive high educational institute that is considered to be the actual leader in preparation of specialists in banking and finance.

The educational process in academy is provided with the powerful information technologies network. More than 70 % of our staff are doctors and candidates of sciences. According to European standards we offer excellent Bachelor and Master programs in Finance, Banking, Audit and Accounting, Economic Cybernetics, Management of External Economic Activity, International Economy, Law. We pay attention to international aspects of our teaching: each year part of the students come from Russia, Byelorussia, North Cyprus, several students exchange agreements with teaching institutions of Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, North Cyprus are effective now, and annually we propose to our students lectures provided by guest lecturers from the University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany), the Poznan School of Banking (Poland), Eastern Mediterranean University (North Cyprus).

One of the leading Chairs of the Academy is the Chair of Finance. The Chair consists of 3 professors (Anatoliy Yepifanov – rector, Inna Shkolnyk – vice-rector, Sergey Leonov – the Head of the Chair of Finance), 11 assistant professors, 8 assistants.

Disciplines taught by the Chair: Public finance, Corporate management, Financial analysis, Tax system, Investment, Insurance, Local finances.

Scientific and research activities of the stuff of the Chair of Finance are carried out at the following directions: engaging in research works, thesis works, monographs, scientific articles, the students scientific work, participation in Ukrainian and international conferences, seminars, cooperation with the National bank of Ukraine and other financial institutions in our and other countries.

Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport

Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport (Ukraine, Donetsk) offers to take part in joint projects TEMPUS IV (4 contest), both as co-beneficiaries, as well as coordinators.

We also gratefully consider your offers to participate in projects within the consortium formed (created) by you. We hope for effective cooperation.

Subject projects TEMPUS IV - 4 contest


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